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Reliable & Covert Communications

We achieve these features by using our own technology of asynchronous DSSS-CDMA data transmission. Usage of this technique very suitable for wireless communications on unlicensed ISM frequencies where a lot of devices can perform data transmission simultaneously at one operational area. Also, DSSS technique enables to receive signals which are covered by natural noises that grant to establish covert data link at 50-75% of the operational area of LOS communications.

Brand New Security of Data Link

We achieve this feature by implementing our own technique of Physical Layer encryption. This type of encryption enables to implement such level of data transmission protection where an unauthorized device can’t even receive a signal or detect a transmission process. Here, the encryption key does not simply encode the data but forms a modulator/demodulator and a unique set of waveforms (orthogonal spreading sequence set) that is used for communication. 

Mass Independent Multiuser Interactions

This property was born as a combination of techniques of asynchronous DSSS-CDMA transceiver and PHY Layer encryption. Here, DSSS processing gain is used to perform a simultaneous operation of a dozen links at one frequency in one area. And the number of unique sets of waveforms (PHY layer realizations) is enough to assign one item for each device in IPv6 network. Thus every signal  from different devices in the operational area can be separated and received at high quality.

Our Mission

We strive to implement mass spread spectrum communications in our life so as it is an enabling technology for comprehensive implementation of AI and Smart Everything Everywhere / IoT devices.

What we've already done...

We've done a lot of scientific research. The most valuable research stuff: principles of asynchronous DSSS receiver, multichannel M-ary keying, random orthogonal sequence set generation, orthogonal sequence sets with minimum mutual interference.

We've made plenty of RF hardware and software development. Herein, we've made our own cheap ( < 40$ ) SDR that operates in the frequency range of 110-600MHz and has BW = 1MHz. But in advanced applications, we used Ettus Research B200 SDR.

We've produced a dozen of modems and organized them in the network. Then we've performed a series trials where competitive advantages of our techniques were proved. You can find brief info about our modem and video of trials at links below.


What you can get...

Currently, Covert Wireless Communications is company that engaged in R&D of mass reliable & secure communications. And we are going to manufacture the first series of chip. On the other hand, we have small series of ready to use devices. So...

If you are an investor, we will cooperate in long-term profitable entrepreneurship.

If you are a manufacturer, we will produce a series of modems for you which are tailored to your needs.

If you are a person interested in current technologies, we will be glad to exchange experience and thoughts.

You can write a quick feedback here...

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